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The Saveometer Personal Smart Meter

This is the comprehensive Saveometer Personal Smart Meter


(May not be compatible with your current gas meter)*

  • Cost of electricity displayed per hour, past week, past quarter, past year or any other period you choose
  • Easy to install, wireless portable display
  • Brightly coloured LEDs indicating 5 different cost levels of electricity use
  • 30 day dynamic bar chart clearly showing electricity use and trends
  • Radio controlled clock, calendar and electronic barometer, with temparature and humidity
  • Rechargeable batteries and dedicated charging base supplied
  • Supplied complete with electricity transmitter and sensor (additional sensors can be ordered for 2 & 3 phase supply)
  • Easy upgrade to monitor your gas too (check your meter suitability)



Gas Transmitter

Upgrade your Saveometer 2652 to monitor your gas as well as your electricty costs.
  • A simple to install addition to the Saveometer
  • Supplied with choice of sensor - check your meter suitability
  • 12 year life lithium battery included
  • Automatic link up with your existing Saveometer PSM
  • Shows total gas used since connection



Additional Display

  • Extra Saveometer display to locate elsewhere in your home or business
  • Links quickly and simply to your exisiting Saveometer transmitter
  • Additional displays are most effective for greater family awareness
  • The more people who are able to see a Saveometer display, the more likely you are to reduce energy use and save money
  • Supplied with rechargable batteries, dedicated charging base and power supply



Additional sensor - 100A

  • Additional sensors required for 2 and 3 phase electricity supply (one sensor required for each additional phase)
  • Suitable for supply up to 100A



Electricity Transmitter

  • Replacement electricty transmitter for Saveometer model 2652
  • Comes supplied with sensor clip and 3 high quality rechargable batteries



UK Power Supply Adaptor

Replacement power adaptor for your Saveometer



Rechargeable Batteries

6 x High Quality AA NiMH Rechargeable 1.2v 1000-1500 mAH Batteries
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