Attaching the Saveometor electricity sensor clip at your meter

The Saveometer sensor clip is simple to install.  It is not necessary to make any electrical connections and merely requires the attachment of the sensor clip provided.  In all cases care should be taken when installing the sensor clip and if you have doubts about the safety of your wiring or any other aspect of installation please consult a qualified electrician.

Identifying the Live cable

The Saveometer sensor clips needs to be attached round the live (often called positive) cable that leaves your meter - this cable is sometimes marked L.  Once connected to the live cable the wire leading from the Saveometer sensor clip must be plugged into the Saveometer electricity transmitter, using any of the 3 sockets on the underside of the transmitter.

View a few of our installations.

You will probably see four cables at your electricity meter. These include the 2 incoming electrical supply cables (Live and Neutral) from the supplier’s main fuse (electrical cut out).  There are also usually two cables that leave the meter, sometimes called the Live and Neutral meter tails. These run from the meter to your consumer unit (fuse box). The sensor should be carefully attached to the "Live" outgoing cable, which is usually the cable leaving the meter on the farthest right hand side.

If you have an off peak or 2 or 3 phase, or industrial electricity supply, there may be many more cables at your meter. If this is the case, additional sensor(s) may be required to accurately monitor your electricity use, and we recommend that you seek advice from a qualified electrician.