Frequently asked questions

Will the Saveometer Personal Smart Meter calculate my energy bills?
The Saveometer calculates how much you are spending on electricity and displays the information clearly on the display. It shows you your costs by the hour, and also how much you have actually spent during the past week, past month, past quarter or longer
What is the range of the display unit from the sensor?
The Saveometer has a  a range of around 80 to 150 meters in a domestic or commercial environment.  Range is always subject to intervening walls and/or machinery.
I have three phase electricity – can I still use the Saveometer?
Yes. However for a 2 or 3 phase supply you will need to purchase additional sensors – Please click here
What else does the Saveometer do?
The Saveometer Personal Smart Meter is feature packed and can be upgraded at anytime to also monitor your gas (subject to meter suitability) and also includes an atomic calendar and clock, a weather station, a room temperature & humidity display plus a bar chart showing electricity consumption and cost trends over the previous 30 days. Full feature list
Where is the Saveometer made?
The Saveometer uses components made in the UK, Ireland, USA, Taiwan and China. It is designed by the Eco1 Team and is manufactured exclusively for Eco1 Limited and associated companies, to the highest manufacturing standards by the Orchid Electronics Group in PRC.
How big is the Saveometer?
95 mm wide x 155mm high x 30 mm deep
How does the Saveometer work?
The Saveometer PSM uses a sensor which is attached on to a wire (more details) at the electricity meter. The sensor measures the amount of electricity being used and transmits the information wirelessly to the portable Saveometer Personal Smart Meter display unit. More details
Is the Saveometer guaranteed?
The Saveometer is guaranteed for 18 months and will be replaced without charge within that period in the event of failure caused by faulty parts, materials or manufacture. (registration required) We also offer our full money back guarantee if, within 12 months of continuous use you do not save at least the cost of your Saveometer you may return it to us for a full refund* terms and conditions apply
How long will my order take to be delivered?
Orders are normally be dispatched within 48 hours
Do I need a licensed electrician to install the Saveometer?
The Saveometer PSM is very simple to install. However if you have any doubts about the safety of your wiring, or any other query or concern, we recommend that customers always consult a qualified electrician
How do I install my Saveometer?
See installation page for full details
Can I purchase additional displays?
Yes – see our online store.
I am on Economy 7 pricing with my supplier. Can I still use the Saveometer Personal Smart Meter??
Yes. The Saveometer can be programmed for up to four charging rates per day
How do I know how to programme my Saveometer PSM?
The Saveometer is pre-programmed at the factory, using average default settings. Users may change all the settings in seconds, at any time, so that their Saveometer Personal Smart Meter is precisely in line with individual costs and requirements. For example, the cost of a unit of electricity varies considerably between suppliers, and this value will need to be adjusted initially and from time to time to ensure accurate readings are achieved. For more information about your energy bills click here 
How much will my order cost to be delivered?
Delivery charges are as follows:
Order value up to £29.95 = £2.95
Order value from £29.96 - £249.99 = £4.95
Orders over £250.00 are delivered free