How does it work?

The Saveometer is a Personal Smart Meter  that has three basic parts: a sensor clip, a transmitter and a display that houses a receiver that "talks" to the transmitter every few seconds. When the sensor clip has been attached around the appropriate wire at an electricity meter it detects the current or electricity that is passing through the wire, and this information is sent via the transmitter to the Saveometer PSM display. The display is intelligent, and contains a microprocessor and many electronic circuits. It interprets and stores the information received and displays it in a way which the owner of a Saveometer PSM finds most useful.


Put simply, the Saveometer interprets in real time what the generally hidden static electricity meter is registering, and presents the cost clearly on an attractive portable display so that you are always kept informed and can remain in control of your electricity costs. Even turning on a light will be detected by the Saveometer PSM, and the precise cost of running that lamp is displayed within seconds.


In a similar way to monitoring your electricity the gas transmitter, once attached, reads the pulse signals sent out by your gas meter and  regulary sends this to your Saveometer display, providing you with up to date gas consumption at the press of a button.