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Are you fed up of ever rising energy bills?  Watch the Savemoter in action here

Wish you knew just how much your households energy cost is per month?  

The Saveometer can help - showing exactly how much your electricity and gas is costing you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  

If you haven't saved at least the purchase price in under 12 months we will give you all your money back!* 

Click here to see the "Saveometer In Action" short video.

The Saveometer is an easy to use wireless electricity monitoring solution with the added option to upgrade to gas monitoring, that is proven to reduce the cost of electricity and gas in homes and businesses.  During a time when we are all watching our pennies and gas and electricity bills are soaring, this is the answer to cheaper energy bills.   This innovative energy monitor is a new and informed way to control household spending, allowing you to save money on electricity and gas bills. 
Equipped with a wireless display that provides real time information about your electricity consumption, in pounds, a currency that we all understand,  it aims to create awareness on the cost of your energy bills before they land on your doormat.  The Saveometer can show you exactly what your gas and electricity is costing you on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis so you are able to see your electricity consumption and take notice of the cash impact of changing your possibly wasteful behaviour, which in turn could amount to savings of up to £438.00.  On top of the potential savings don't forget that if you haven't saved at least the purchase price of your energy monitor in under 12 months we will give you your money back* 


The more you see – the more you save

The Saveometer energy monitor displays:

  • How much you are spending on energy bills
  • How much you are spending on gas (further details)NEW
  • The cost of your electricity last week, last month, over the past 3 months, the past year or any other period you choose
  • How much harmful CO2 your electricity consumption is contributing to climate change
  • Your energy bills cost trend over the past month
  • And much much more . . . . . . . . 

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 View our interactive house and save money

View our interactive house and see how you can save money
  Helps you save money * Portable * Simple to install * Easy to read display