"Just sent you an email and another photo from which you'll see all is now working well.
Thanks again for your help and for the information. It is in fact now recording the meter readings in function 20.  All very clever and a great product.
I wish other companies would take a leaf out of your book when it comes to a first class service coupled with speed and courtesy." 
SF  Essex  March 2011 

“My overall impression of the Saveometer is absolutely brilliant, I love the fact that I can take it from room to room and I have learnt a lot about how much our underfloor heating costs to run. The large screen shows clearly how much we are spending on both gas and electricity and we can see at a glance our monthly cost too. All in all a brilliant product that the whole family are enjoying using”

FD Yorkshire March 2011

"Over the weekend my husband connected the new gas transmitter to our gas meter so we are now watching our gas and electricity costs. Already we can see that gas really is expensive so we are trying an experiment and we are reducing the thermostat by one degree – I’ll let you know what happens. Our frosts up here carry on at least until the end of April." 
GM  Edinburgh  March 2011

"“Thank you for letting us be part of the Saveometer field trials. We were both a bit doubtful at first, but following the straightforward installation instructions our Saveometer was soon fitted on our main supply meter and within a few days had helped us identify areas were we could save money. After a couple of months we had enough information to change our electricity supplier as well.  It’s multifunctional display is easy to read and is portable for ease of use throughout the house. The user set coloured LED indicators are again so easy to understand that soon the grandchildren were excitedly informing us that we were wasting electricity and turning out lights without being asked – amazing! “
RP  Hampshire  January 2011

"The children absolutely love the Saveometers coloured LEDS and are constantly letting me know when we get to red"
AK Leeds March 2011

"I love the historical data the Saveometer gives me, the cost this month screen is really focussing our energy spend as I know what I pay my supplier monthly and so we are constantly trying to stay below that."
JL Cumbria February 2011
“We recently started using the Saveometer and from day one found it easy to use and noticed how much gas and electricity we were wasting. Simple things such as leaving TVs on standby- when there’s four in one house it makes a big difference! Also, it’s made me realise that I waste such a lot of gas by turning on the oven for far too long before I need to use it. I’ve reduced this by over half now! I’m no techno-whizz but even I found it easy to get up and running and really simple to understand. I am actually looking forward to getting my energy bills now!”
CC Leicester February 2011

"Thank you for sending the extra Saveometer display. This now belongs to the childrens bedroom – they now seem to be even better at conserving electricity than my wife is!  We are already changing our energy wasting habits and enjoy using it – the coloured lights that show roughly how much you are using are very good"
WC Kent  Feb 2011 

The Saveometer arrived last week and my son fitted it for me on Saturday. What a surprise it has been to see exactly how much I am spending simply by leaving the landing lights on all evening. Thank you for a wonderful machine – I am now saving up for one in the bedroom as well as the kitchen.  PS  Will it work in Korea please?  I have a daughter who lives there with her three young children and it would be a lovely present for her at Christmas.
WJP  Somerset  February 2011

“On opening the box, I was pleased to find ecological packaging, frequently not the case even now. It’s worth reading the manual straight away before you go any further. Following the very clear and detailed instructions both the electrical and gas transmitters were installed and the display was receiving their information. The build quality appears to be very good and the units are solid and stylish and the large display easy to read even at a distance across the room. With the cost of the electricity and gas set up in the display we now know what we were consuming. Installation and setting up took probably around 15 minutes, but this is a once-only operation unless the price of electricity or gas change. Watching the instantaneous change in the cost of electricity being consumed when a kettle, cooker or even lights were switched on and off makes you very much more aware of the savings that can be made by sensible use. On checking the gas and electricity meters, the Savometer totals were accurate. Having the gas display was particularly useful in making everyone aware that turning the thermostat a degree or so lower was very worthwhile.”
MP  Dorset  January 2011